Managing Grand Challenges – Engaging Stakeholders through the lens of Problem Structuring Methods and Behaviour OR 

Addressing Grand challenges, such as navigating climate change or mental health, is increasingly gaining prominence across the globe. Those researching such challenges argue that progress requires collaborative, integrated, and coordinated responses from a wide range of stakeholders including organisations, governments, communities etc. Thus, to successfully navigate these challenges approaches need to be able to engage with stakeholders, both in terms of eliciting a comprehensive understanding of the challenge as viewed through the many lenses (managing the resultant complexity of data), as well attending to the myriad socio-political considerations. PSMs through their focus on managing messy, complex, problems are well situated to assist this endeavour, particularly when coupled with the growing body of work in the field of BOR. Through drawing on examples from practice, this keynote will reflect on how management scientists can provide valuable contributions to those seeking to address grand challenges.